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Sleek stretch-cotton capris to stay cool and comfy for all you summer fun! I


Featuring front and back appliqué pockets - my preferred pocket style because they're fully functional, but they stay flat when not in use (no bunching up or gaping).


4" vent at hem on both sides. 1.5" elastic waistband for ultimate comfort and flexibility; feel like you're wearing pyjamas, look like you're wearing tailored pants! 


Solids are cotton sateen; the slight sheen makes them a little more versatile across a range of casual to more dressy outfits. 


Prints are stretch-poplin: I love poplin cause it's really tightly woven but super thin - structure without bulk. Add a bit of spandex and it's reeeeeeally comfy.


V is wearing size 10, she's 5'1", waist 31" hip 39.5". I'm wearing size 8, I'm 5'4" and my waist is 27" and hip 39". Note the different way they fit on V with an 8.5" difference between waist and hip, and me with a 12" diffference. Compare with your own ratio to choose which size you'll like best (get in touch for help too!)


97% cotton, 3% spandex. Machine wash cold, hang dry. Neither fabric will require ironing. 


As with all cotton/spandex fabrics, it will relax as you wear it. So in these photos you'll notice the pants are pretty tight on me with my full thighs (relative to hip size) but after a few hours of wearing they relax in to a more trouser-y fit (not so body-con).


Please note the change to my pants sizing - too many people were "between" sizes with my previous grading rules (S-M-L etc...), so I've added more sizes with smaller gaps between, check the "Pants" section of my size chart to find your best fit!


Designed and made by me in Haliburton Ontario. I import this fabric from South Korea via SwatchON


Online ordering is risk-free! Check out my Return Policy here. 

Style & Comfort Capri Pants

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