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The most environmentally-friendly garment is the one you already own.

HCC apparel will be with you for years to come. Materials are tested extensively to ensure they survive many washes. Fabrics are selected based on the following factors:




Environmental Impact


Certification Standard

Today's "eco" fashion marketing frequently overlooks the most important aspect of a fabric: how it performs. A fabric made with ultra-eco-conscious materials and processes is pointless if it looks terrible after two washes.


Creating truly sustainable clothing is a balancing act - how a fibre is sourced and processed is only one component of what makes a fabric "sustainable" and I weigh all factors when choosing fabrics. (It is an agonizing process!)

When your clothes look, fit and feel good, you'll wear them longer, and reducing our overall consumption is the most important aspect of true sustainability.  


Also important is the Right to Repair - at any time during the life of your garment you can bring it back to me for a fix-up. Any repair that takes 20 minutes or less (or which is due to a sewing error) is free! Put your pants in the dryer by accident? Just bring them back and I'll let them down! Got a hole in your hoodie while chasing your dog in the forest? I probably have a remnant I can use to splice in a panel!

When shipping, I reduce/reuse as much as possible. Your order will mostly likely ship in a reused box and will not include any plastic bags, tissue paper, or other pointless packaging.

For more on the HCC's environmental stance, read:

Watch my interview with Dysart's Environmental Manager about biodegradable fashion

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